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She may be old but she is feisty. One minute warm. The next one icy. Don’t be deceived by all her wrinkles cause she’s a weapon that’s quite lethal! Aunt Minnie, Spy Mama! She’s the sweet little old lady who runs the neighborhood sweet shop but when there’s trouble the shop converts into her secret hi-tech spy lair and this butt-kicking super secret agent gives all the bad guys the spanking they deserve!

Look out world! It’s Minnie time!

Aunt Minnie

Aunt Minnie is a 77 year old black female super spy who runs a friendly neighborhood candy shop as a front.

While on vacation in Japan she discovered the miracles of the magic Rooty Root tea that gives her energy, thus enabling her to perform astounding feats.

She used this power to thwart a group of hijackers and was soon recruited by a secret spy organization- C.O.D.E. And thus her career as an international super spy was born!

Rudy and Trudy

These two candy loving twins know they can always count on Minnie for some free sweets so long as they hang around to listen to another one of her stories.

Each episode she reveals some of her many adventures in the spy trade to Rudy and Trudy who think she's a crazy little old lady when in fact her exploits are quite true and hilarious!